Buyer FAQs

 Why do we refund 1% of the Purchase Price to our Clients?

It’s simple: The Internet has revolutionized the way Buyers search for homes...with 95% of Home Buyers beginning their Home Search on the Internet before even contacting a licensed real estate agent. Buyers can now find a large amount of information on an available property 24/7. Licensed real estate agents no longer exclusively control this information. In the past, much of a licensed real estate agent’s time was spent sifting through all the available properties in an attempt to find the ones that best fit the buyer’s needs and desires. With the Internet, you are already doing a portion of that search yourself. Since we are splitting the workload, we share our commission with you!

How the transaction works:

1. Seller lists their property with a licensed real estate agent (Listing Broker).

2. Usually, a different licensed real estate agent (Buyer's Agent ), brings a buyer-client to purchase the house.

3. For bringing this buyer client to the Seller, the Buyer's-Agent earns a predetermined percentage of the purchase price, which is being paid by the Seller.

4. You, as the Buyer, under our Exclusive Buyer Rebate Program, will receive 1% of the purchase price at closing!  

(Example: Purchase Price of Property $300,000 x 1%  = $3,000 – You, the Buyer, receive $3,000 back on the purchase).


It’s that simple! When you use Metro Realty, Inc. as your Buyers Agent, you will receive cash back on your purchase!


 **Properties listed by Metro Realty, Inc. are excluded from the Buyer Rebate Program. Metro Realty, Inc. does not work in a dual agency capacity. We do not represent the buyer and the seller in the same transaction. Read all terms and conditions of this offer. Properties purchased must be equal to or greater than a total purchase price of $100,000 to qualify for the Rebate.


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